Niccolò Quaresima

Niccolò Quaresima (Rome, 1995) holds a BA in New Media from Milan’s Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. He is about to complete the Master in Photography and Visual Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. 

His work is based on photography, moving freely across other artistic practices, such as design and installation. He uses the photographic medium in its sculptural and material aspects, while his photographic practice spans from darkroom techniques to 3D rendering.

His research stems from the human body – from its sexuality to its presence in space and society – to eventually take on abstract and metaphorical forms, in a continuous alternation of self-analysis and narration of the world.

Member of the duo F/Q (, artists in residence at FuturDome in Milan during 2020.

Phone: +39 388 1979767
Instagram: niccoloquaresima

➀ Design: Studio Federico Barbon
➁ Developing: Simone Ballesio
➂ Typeface: Studio Pro by T-WO

© 2020 Niccolò Quaresima for the images

Solo Exhibitions


F/Q, I laid a sheet on the floor, FuturDome, Milano


Erotikami—A Night About Erotism, Pravda, Milano
About Erotism, Plastic Club, Milano
Pornomania, Pravda, Milano

Group Exhibitions


Noli me tangere, curated by Bohdan Stupak, Palazzo Borromeo, Milano


SIFestOFF, curated by Tomas Maggioli, Palazzo Don Baronio, Savignano sul Rubicone


Genova Art Expo, curated by Mario Napoli Palazzo Stella, Genova
Fikafutura, curated by Virginia Roghi Spazio Fico, Milano
Paratissima Art Fair, Milano Photo Week BASE, Milano
Punctum, curated by Zsolt Bátori PH21 Gallery, Budapest


Satura Lanx, curated by Alessandro Amico Tevere Art Gallery, Roma




Fresh Eyes 2020, curated by GUP magazine, Amsterdam.
F/Q, I laid a sheet on the floor, self-published, Milano.