Niccolò Quaresima

M 0.3

Year: 2019

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This short series of assignments starts from a famous list of exercises John Baldessari gave to his students in 1970. The list has been drastically shortened and adapted to the act of photographing as an act of seeing and understanding. The word Document here asks for the autobiographical and intimate means of the author (you). Print the project in the form of a book and imagine where to show the photographs (not a museum or a gallery).

58. Make up list of distractions that often occur to you. Recreate on video tape. (Baldessari assignments sheets, 1970)
3. Documentare una serie di oggetti (anche persone) che ti distraggono (Graziani, 2019)
(Document a a series of objects (or people) that distract you)

  • M 0.3
    Digital printed fanzine,
    unbounded, 2020
    17,8×27 cm, 32pp.