Niccolò Quaresima

Riflessioni formali

Year: 2018

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Riflessioni formali oltre la manifestazione oggettiva delle cose (Formal reflections beyond the objective manifestation of things) is the result of a BA thesis. The project is synthesized in photographic diptychs which relate the human body with the architectures of Milan. The images aim to make the viewer realize that partly the world is nothing but a reflection of our perception and vice versa, as in our consciousness exists and evolves contingent on the environment in which it is located. In order to amplify the perceptive destabilization these diptychs are placed inside a square based pyramid made with spyglass, a material which is a see-through glass on one side but a mirror on the other. The two pictures are nothing different to themselves but are surrounded by kaleidoscopic reflections of themselves, allowing the formal association between architecture and human body to reach the limit of realism and showing, with the right light and angle, the ultimate essence of the subjects.

  • Riflessioni formali darkroom prints from negative film, prism made of one-way vision
    glass and LED lights, 2017 50×50×45 cm