Niccolò Quaresima


Year: 2017-2019

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About is a triptych of photographic books analyzing the human body from three different point of views. The first chapter About Nudity sees the human body as a synonym of endless meanings. Skin, muscles and bones becomes shapes and pure volumes showing clear syntheticism. The second chapter, About Erotism, evolves the concept of the naked body and from geometry it becomes a sexual being, sexually charged and full of desire. The third and last chapter, About Pornography, expands the idea of erotism translating the relation object/subject of desire into the complex language of pornography.

  • About Nudity
    33 photographs 2017–2018
    20.5×25 cm, 48 pp.

  • About Erotism
    34 photographs 2018–2019
    20.5×25 cm, 48 pp.

  • About Pornography
    35 photographs 2018–2019
    20.5×25 cm, 48 pp.